Before you apply for a rescue dog

Please note when you take on a rescue dog you are often taking on an animal with an unknown background. We can only give you the information that is given to us by the person putting the dog into rescue. A1 Tibetan Terrier Rescue does not give any warranty as to the health and fitness of the dog and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by or to the dog.

Please be aware that I will carry out a home check before placing a dog in its new home.

A1 Tibetan Terrier Rescue very much regret that they are unable to rehome any Tibetan Terrier that has a history of biting. Tibetan Terriers are generally of a good temperament but if I am made aware of a tendency towards uncontrollable biting I would be unable to consider placing him or her through my service.

Who to contact

I am always available to offer as much help and guidance as I can. Call me, Jan Borrett, for information on dogs available
01594 840519
or email

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Marley came to us through no fault of his own. He was sold to
an old lady who was unable to cope with him and the breeder couldn't take him back. We were able to find him a new home with a family in the Forest of Dean and how he's settled and happy.